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Whatever you hear about business suits and shirts


– please remember that a business suit is either black, dark grey or dark blue. Mid grey is also okay. It can be plain or pinstriped. But never another colour or checked. And business shirts are either white or blue. Plain. The classic blue shirt with white collar is okay too.

When it comes to colours and fabrics for businessmen the choices are easy. It’s not boring – I can agree that it is traditional – but there are hundreds of other choices you can make for your business outfit like buttoning, lapels, vest and more. And even if you think it’s boring, you dress for business to show respect for the customer. And the business.

Regarding casual, stylish and trendy suit and shirts and the occasions when you wear them, possibilities are endless! And I love them. I know that you at many workplaces you can wear casual suits and shirts. But they are not business suits and shirts. Punto finale.

You can also read here* what I write about weaves for formal and business events.



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