Stylish & Trendy

Everyone can look trendy with a little bit of effort and money.

But to both be and look stylish is more of bringing out your own personality, really. To boost it. To find the accessories. To love yourself and to care and to respect and put effort to the details. What is it that you like? What makes you tick? Finding your passions. What are you passionate about?

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The only 4 suits you'll ever need to own


What are the four essential suits in a gentleman’s wardrobe?

Or, actually, better put, what are the four suits that you require the most? It’s an almost impossible question. We are so different and have so dissimilar personalities and taste in style and preference. But still. There are a few basic suits that could be said to be the foundation of a man’s suit wardrobe. You might be young, you might just have started a job and career and are thinking, how do you make sure you have what you need in your closet? You might be middle age and discovered that many of those “quite new” suits actually are 10, 15 or 20 years old. Or you are just a fan of nice suits. Like me and many of us.

I have said it before; it’s not a question of money. Not at all. But more a question of carefully selected materials and the right cut. And the confidence that it gives you.


1. The navy suit

The number one suit of all times and all categories. If you only have one suit, it should be this one. Single breasted and two-buttoned. Esquire calls it the “workhorse,” and it’s true. It takes you through all kinds of events, from high to low, private and professional. Evening out or the speech of your life in front of a huge audience. The navy suit will take you through it respectfully. Choose a medium weight breathable fabric so you can use it year around. It looks good no matter your skin complexion. You can wear it to all shoe and belt colours*.


2. The grey suit

Number two is also a given choice; the plain dark grey suit. Two-buttoned. A little more formal than the navy. You can wear it around the clock, day and night. The equivalent of women’s little black dress. Charcoal or more towards mid grey, it’s still the multipurpose suit that can be dressed up or down depending on occasion.

You can even wear it with a T-shirt* and jeans.


3. The dark double breasted suit

Some – especially North American style experts – would argue that the beige cotton khaki suit is absolutely necessary in the wardrobe. I would say that you have very limited use for it especially if you live in a colder climate. But a double breasted suit, preferably dark, is really versatile. It’s more casual than the strict business look. But make sure the cut is sleek! We have left the boxy cuts from the old days.


4. The black suit

Classic. It works well for the office, parties and evening events. It is never wrong in business occasions, even if you are not an IBM’er or a Mormon. If you don’t have or want to use a dinner jacket, the black suit is the perfect choice. The classic black suit. And you can use it at funerals with a white shirt and black tie.


5. The dinner suit

I said “the only 4 suits you need, and now I write about a fifth? Yes. How many black tie invitations do you get a year? (Not you Mr. Bond, I mean the rest of us). Not many, right? But they do come, even if they come quite infrequent. And at those occasions you want to look and feel the best. You can decline the invitation, or you can take the opportunity to get yourself a dinner suit.


Style mistakes

Style mistakes

Gentlemen! There are numerous small style mistakes that men make daily. Unnecessary mistakes that makes you look less educated, less sophisticated, cultivated and refined or even like – sorry to say – a total clown.

Here are a few of them:


Too small suit

Even if it’s nice that more men recently care about their style and make a determined effort to find a tailored fit, one should keep in mind that the recent skinny or super slim suits are not for all. We all have different body types and the simple truth is that not everyone can pull them off. But do not despair, dear fashion loving man, that is why we have tailoring. Everyone can look super smart in a tailored suit.


I’d rather not have to mention this, but I feel compelled to kindly inform everyone about these two blunders; Please don’t forget to remove the brand label from the jacket sleeve and please, please, don’t forget to take out the thread on the back of the vent and in the pockets. Embarrassing but this happens. I am shaking my head. In fact, we are all shaking our heads.

Too big shirts

Most men wear shirts that are too big. Get a slim-cut shirt or get it tailored for the love of Jah. If it is billowing out at the sides when tucked into the pants, it is too big. And then we have the gym rats wearing too tight shirts, but that is another story. The collar should fit one finger between your neck and the collar.

Sport socks

Some Scandinavians and North Americans can actually still – believe it or not – be seen wearing athletic white socks with a suit. Athletic socks are worn to enhance a man’s performance when performing sport that make you sweat. Not with a suit. Do not wear sport cotton tube socks, athletic socks – white or black – with a suit.

Shiny suits

A shiny suit fabric? Criminal.

Socks and sandals

Seriously. Have you ever seen anyone pull this off? Case closed.

Tie length

A simple touch that many oversee. The tie should end at your belt buckle. Too short or too long, it can make you look like an incompetent imbecile. Nowadays the ties are slimmer so get a new one and leave the wider ones in the closet. Or why not in the bin? But don’t use the extremely slim ties at formal occasions or at the office.

Pocket squares

Your pocket square is not supposed to exactly match your tie, but it is a good idea to let them complement each other. A precise match can easily make the whole outfit look cheap.

T-shirts under

If you for whatever reason wear a T-shirt under your dress shirt, remember never to let it poke through above the collar. Wear something that is not showing like a V-neck or none at all.

Cell phone clipped to your belt

Keep your cell phone in your pocket. Clipping it to your belt is as attractive as using a Bluetooth headset as a fashion accessory.

Pants with pleats or cuffs

This is not so common nowadays.


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