– We offer tailormade premium suits and shirts –


High quality tailormade suits differ from ordinary suits, eg using real canvas – the inner fabric helping the jacket maintaining its shape over tim. It’s sewn, not glued.

Individual pattern for every customer.

A handcrafted process of cutting, sewing, trimming and pressing your exclusive tailormade suits and shirts.

Our tailors handpick all fabrics – from a quality and fashion point of view – and we never buy fabrics in bulk as many other tailors in the industry.

We let you choose from a wide variety of quality fabrics in different categories, prices and qualities. From the most exclusive to the very affordable – all our fabrics are of very good and exclusive quality.

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Stylish bearded man wearing trendy suit, stands against a white wall and looking on the camera.

– Not sure what to choose? –


Just pick one of our already designed products and add your measurements!

Or ‘Create your own’ – just leave all the options as is – and get what is “right” for every man just now!

An easy way to make sure that you are always in fashion. It can be hard to choose, we know that.

– Premium quality yet affordable prices –


We offer very affordable products. The prices are the same or even lower than garment from of-the-shelf stores and fashion houses that offers suits and shirts in standard sizes.
Everyone can enjoy the advantages of our services. All our products ranging from the low priced to the very exclusive materials get the same prestigious craftsmanship tailoring and treatment.
And additionally, a tailor-made garment will sustain many years of wear and be fashionable at a fraction of the cost. It’s just a smart investment.


Tailormade suits, blazers and shirts

Get a tailormade suit, blazer and shirt