Things to consider when buying a custom suit

I could go on forever raving about all the details you could think of to create a unique suit.

But I’ll stick to the more important stuff.



Regular, loose or slim? What do you like best and what is your individual style? In North America the regular and sometimes even the loose cut is very common. It’s traditional and classic. In Europe and the rest of the world, trends have been more slim for a period. British Traditional suits are cut closer to the body. They have slightly narrower and defined shoulders with higher armhole. The Italian cut appears more trendy and sleek. Mostly among young men, the skinny cut that contours your body closely with limited room for movement has been very popular for some time.


How thick do you like your lapels? Thinner lapels are more modern and can give a young look, while thicker are more traditional.


Many people would use on a two-button suit. It’s the most common suitable for most body types but determine what might be best for your body type before going with two buttons. Three buttons is more elegant and can sometimes give a more stiff impression. Tall persons often look good in 3 buttons. The one button suit is the cooler, hipper younger brother of the two button suit. An even lower button stance and a deeper V. But be careful, it’s possible that this look can be seen as a bit too cool in a conservative work environment.

2 or 3 piece?

Like the 3 button suit – apart from being warmer – the vest gives a more elegant impression. If you really want to give a refined impression – use a vest to your suit.


No vent, single vent, or double vent. The single vent is the most common and the double vent is the least restrictive.


Either you stick to the standard lining that goes with the fabric you choose. Or you take the chance to show your special personality. Apart from providing an opportunity to express your character, lining is important to protect your suit.


There are many different fabrics. I recommend having at least two suits; one for the warmer months and one for the colder months.


A tailored suit is truly an investment. If you care for it properly, it should last years. One thing that can do the most damage to your beautiful suit is taking it to the cleaner too often. And be sure that you store it correctly. Like a luxury car, your bespoke suit should be well taken care of.

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