You deserve tailored

Why tailored?

You are not just any man. Any man can go into the local store or fashion chain and get a suit. But the most important thing about a suit is the fit. Regardless of your size or shape, a suit just of the shelf can never give you that real fit that a tailored suit can. Be sure to consider the feel, not just the look. How does it fit your shoulders and chest? Not to mention the length of both trousers and jacket. You don’t want too much fabric and you definitely don’t want too little.  Your personal style is unique and deserves a standout suit. It’s the same thing with shirts. Real men will go to a tailor.

Far from all men know what they want. Some do, but many of us get frustrated about questions like: What cut do you like? What size lapels do you want? How many buttons? Was that in fashion last year? Or even last decade? Don’t worry. If you allow, we will help and guide you. Our guided configuration tool and our style manuals provides you with more than enough. There is always a preselected path of options to follow if you select one of our products. And if you already know exactly what you want – congratulations – we provide you with a tool to create the exact suit you want in all details. Either way we will help you boost your personality to really look strong, smart and sophisticated. To look like you.

Better quality

Everyone who has owned a low-quality suit know what it looks like after a stressful day at the office, a night out with the friends or a wedding. And after wearing it just a few times – worn-out elbows and knees, frayed fabric and stitching. We let you choose from a wide variety of quality fabrics. And our tailors that are human and not machines will attend to every detail to make your garment what you deserve.

Fashionable and trendy

Department stores and chains reflect popular trends, but you shouldn’t settle for that. We let you both be on-trend and display your personality. You have endless possibilities to fully express your individual style. Do you want a suit exactly like the one you saw in the shop window but in another colour? Or a shirt like the one you saw on that TV show or in that fashion magazine? No problem!


Even if our prices are so low that we easily can compete with the off-the-rack suits and shirts we prefer not to. It’s just not the same kind of products. And additionally, a tailor-made garment will sustain many years of wear and be fashionable at a fraction of the cost. It’s just a smart investment.

Time efficient

A modern man has a lot on his agenda. Meeting with us – your online tailor – isn’t nearly as time consuming as you think or not close to visiting a local store. Compare the time you could waste trying on ill-fitting suits or shirts at various stores. Time is money. We will help you in your busy life.

Better Fit

There is just no substitute for a measurement of your body and a suit or shirt that fits you like a glove. You can only get it through a tailormade garment.

The garments are cut exactly to your measurements and reinforced with an interior of canvas, which means that it won’t hang baggily from your shoulders, it will instead accentuate your best features and mask the ones you’d prefer not to highlight. And the pants will be hemmed to hit your shoe at just the right length, making for a powerful and confident stride. Your appearance will be streamlined and sleek, like a fine automobile.