About us

What we deliver

Our suits and shirts are made from the best quality materials. We make them to perfectly fit your physical measurements while simultaneously capturing your personality, be it extrovert or more reserved. You may consider a traditional cut, or something for a business look. Maybe even something for a party, an important occasion or a date, something more on the trendy side would best suit. Whatever your requirements, we will deliver, always with a touch of class and style. (And we support you to bring forward your complete personality). And if you allow, we are always happy to give some friendly advice along the way. We contribute with counselling so you can always feel comfortable.


The prices

We offer affordable products. Our prices are competitive when compared to off-the-shelf suits from big name brands and fashion houses that offers suits and shirts in standard sizes.
Our services are tailor-made to suit all budgets, as we have an extensive range – from more affordable materials and cuts to the very exclusive high end options. But all are given the same prestigious tailoring craftsmanship.


How we deliver it

We are proud to offer the fastest delivery in the industry. This is possible through partnership agreements with the world’s leading shipping companies.


Fit guarantee

It’s simple! All you have to do is follow our measurement guide and it takes just 5 minutes to get your personal measurements. Careful attention to the measurement guide will result in a perfect fit. In the unlikely event that your garment does not fit, we will help you find the right size so that you can adjust the garment at a local tailor, at our cost. Click here to see our fit guarantee.


Responsibility and Sustainability

As a sustainable business, we combine the advantages of internet and a global culture. We consider the welfare of our employees, all the workers in our supply chain and our environment. We believe that acting as a responsible business – fully committed to respecting human rights and our environment – will contribute to lasting economic success. We operate responsibly along the entire value chain, from design and creation to manufacturing, and transportation.
The waste culture of standard sizes and ‘wear and discard’ belongs to the past. Tailored to measure clothes represent the future. It is not just the individual customer that contributes to this culture but the whole industry. Our environment suffers from customers throwing away or sending back huge amounts of standard size clothing bought online, increasing transportation even more, thus further damaging our environment. Hard chemicals and extreme amounts of water are used in vain and textile workers and our environment suffer more than necessary. It is our mission to make a change to this.


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