Our fabrics

When you have a suit or a shirt tailor made for you,

you expect the fabric to have the same exclusive quality as the craft – and to maintain it over time. You want the fabric to support your overall impression of your personality.

We offer very exclusive fabrics from the best fashion industry fabric manufacturers. Our tailors handpick all fabrics – from a quality and fashion point of view – and we never buy fabrics in bulk as both the standard size clothing for department stores and chains and many other tailors in the industry. We let you choose from a wide variety of quality fabrics in different categories, prices and qualities. From the most exclusive to the very affordable – all our fabrics are of very good and exclusive quality. And more important – you can always follow our recommended fabrics and predefined products – to make sure that you are always in fashion. It can be hard to choose, we know that. But our tools visualize the fabric and even lets you see the fabric in HQ photos. You have our style guides. And you are always welcome to e-mail us for guidance and questions.

We offer many hundreds of fabrics and let you choose from a wide variety of the best wool, linen and cotton from the well-known high quality brands, exclusive Italian and latest British fashion; Ethan Smith, Salvatore Ferrino, Gino Matteo, Newbury, Nito Tesare, Stefano, Newbury, Ferrino, Enrico Zenoni, Scott & Windson and many more.

For your convenience,

we have divided our fabrics into 4 categories ranging from low wool blends to 100% wool for suits and 100% linen for shirts and suits and for shirts from mix cotton to double ply 100% cotton. Our categories are: Superior, Premium, Prestige and Exclusive. The Superior category is our most economic choice, but please remember that all fabrics are of very good quality. The exclusive category is very high-class and privileged.

Suit fabrics

Our suit fabrics are all milled superfine cashmere or merino wool ranging from Super 120’s to Super 160’s.

Shirt fabrics

The shirt fabrics are all fine cotton, mixed and superfine 100% wrinkle resistant cotton in different wefts. All our linen fabrics are 100%.

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Please see what the senior style advisor Sir Vincent has to say about materials and fabrics*.